February 21, 2016

Sir Nomsalot's Financial News Feed #24

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Reporting from NomNom Stacija in Riga, Latvia and translated from Bunnyese he had this to say for the 24th Sir Nomsalot's Financial News Feed:

"Bunny sees bears!"


"Most Obvious Black Swan Event Ever"
--Experts Agree: This Time Is Different
---Japan Goes Full Goebbels

Global Economy Imploding

--World Sees Red
---World Turning Japanese
----Japan 10 Year Goes Negative

Jim Rogers: "Central Banks Think They're Smarter Than The Markets; They're Not"

--FED Gov Says "Break Up The Banks"
---Sam Zell: "FED Doesn't Have A Lot Of Tools"
---Yellen A Deer In The Headlights
----Discusses Negative Interest Rates

Biggest Short Squeeze In 7 Years

-You Are Here
--Credit Chart Says It's A Long Way Down For Bank Stocks
---Credit/S&P Chart
---Potential Downside?
----Canada + Australia Yield Curves Invert
-----Mutual Fund/ETF Risk
------Companies Lose Billions On Buybacks
-------Banks Sell Energy Loans For Cents On Dollar

Pattern Sharp Drop In Restaurant Performance Index

Signal: S Korean Exports Fall Further
Japan Trade Data Collapse
China Exports Collapse

BOA: Corporate Balance Sheets The Most Unhealthy Ever

--Chart: Distressed Debt Issuers Worse Since Lehman

Horseman Capital Goes Record Short

Faber: Government Market Intervention Coming

--Chart: Global Financials Versus US Treasuries & Gov Market Intervention

Ban On Cash Coming Soon

--Larry Summers: Time To Kill $100 Bill
---Draghi Investigates Eliminating €500 Note
----Draconian: Ban On Freedom
-----Austrians Need Constitutional Right To Pay In Cash
-----Swiss Politicians Compare Paper Money To Gun Defending Freedom
------When Cash Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cash
-------Hi-Tech Begging
--------Faber: How It Fails

Gundlach: Gold $1400, Loss Of Faith In Central Banks

--Rickards: Buy Gold
---Cuban Buys Gold Calls
----Jim Grant More Bullish On Gold Than Ever
-----Celente: Gold Will Glow
------Meanwhile Canada Sells
-------Gold In Stock Bears
--------Gold Versus Currencies

When Paper Money Becomes Trash

--Out Of Food In Venezuela
---Out Of Electricity
----Annual Inflation 720%
-----Near Free Gasoline Costing Gov $12B/YR

European Bank Collapse Ominous

-ECB Admits 5 Banks Don't Meet Capital Requirements
--German Finance Minster: "No Concerns"
---Deutsche Bank Changes Direction, Begs For Gov Intervention
----CDS Record High
-----Capital Flight From Italy/Spain To France
------Sweden Cuts Rates Further
-------Greek Stocks Fall Further, Banking Sector Meltdown
--------Farmers Revolt
---------Eurozone Collape

Correlation Between Oil/Stocks Highest Since 1980

--Oil Bankruptcies Rise 379%
--Phillips 66 Dumps Oil Into Cushing
---UAE Offers India Free Oil
----Oil Tankers Taking Scenic Route To Find Buyers
-----Why Oil Will Rise
------Higher Prices Coming

Fannie Mae Bailout 2.0

--REIT Ponzi Scheme Flagged By Kyle Bass FBI Raided

China Unleashing Debt Tsunami

--Kyle Bass Previews Collapse
---NPLs Spike As China Confronts Speculators
----China Buys Yuan Rallies
-----China's Bid To Buy Chicago Stock Exchange

Visualizing The World's Stock Exchanges

Russian Hackers Manipulate Ruble Rate With Malware

World War 3 On Deck
--Forces Ready

Visualizing America's Defense Spending

FATCA: $1T = $13.5B

--Foreign Officials Sell Record US Treasuries

400K Americans See 50% Pension Fund Cuts--55+ Months, 45+ Million On Food Stamps
---ObamaCare For Illegals

2 Year Wait On Gulfstream Jets

Munger: Anyone Who Makes Money Running A Casino Isn't Qualified For President #irony

--Peak Pop: Kanye Asks Zuckerberg For $1B
---$53M In Debt, Has Meltdown

For World's Oldest Company, Debt Was A Killer

Animal Therapy

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