January 26, 2016

Sir Nomsalot's Financial News Feed #22

The world's foremost financial news reporting rabbit...
Citizen Liberty's Pet, Sir Nomsalot, the Seer of Seers, the Nomapotamus of all Nomapotamuses!
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Sir Nomalot says, "Instead of watching TV, save your time and read from me."

Reporting from NomNom Stacija in Riga, Latvia and translated from Bunnyese he had this to say for the 22nd Sir Nomsalot's Financial News Feed:

"Bunny sees bears!"


Study Estimates ObamaTrade Will Cost USA Half-Million Jobs

Obama Debt Per Household = $70,612.91 (Official Only)

Protesters Rage After Bankers Bust-Out Moldova

China Warns Dr Claw Soros
--Jim Rogers: Short USA, Long China

Venezuela Inflation 720% 
--Flashback: "Inflation Does't Exist" - New Economy Czar

Norway's Biggest Bank Demands Cash Ban!
--Cashless Society

Animal Therapy
Panda Bear Going Down

Sir Nomsalot is LONG Junior Gold Miners, Silver, Cocoa, Sugar, Uranium, Russia Stock Index.
Sir Nomsalot is SHORT the Russell 2000 Index.

Nom out,
Sir Nomsalot's Financial News Feed
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