November 4, 2015

Why I Stopped Working: 365 Days, 100+ New Lays #USGov #IWantToThankYou

For long enough I haven't needed to work. I live and prefer a simple lifestyle. Since very young I worked hard, sacrificed, and saved for the future. Once I felt morally obligated. Once I worried more.

The first profitable business I started was at 19, in the NYC area. Until last year I was still running that business remotely from here in Europe.

More recently in Tallinn, Estonia I experimented with so-called "lifestyle business", owning hostels for about 2.5 years.

However, it has been the recent time I have spent not working that's been the most rewarding.


Because working has become a moral-hazard.
About a year ago I made the ethical choice to quit working, and stopped everything.

In 2010 at 27 I left the United States, moving to Baltic Europe.

Once before I tried moving in 2009, but thanks to a corrupt United States Consulate in Honduras, I instead got to live in Honduran jail for so-called “crimes” I was never charged with, nor committed. It says plenty when the corruption of the American Consulate rivals the notorious corruption of Honduras, the murder capital of the world.

Unexpectedly that loss turned out to be a gain, and I owe it to that U.S. Consulate and to the United States Government for helping me not to live in both the United States, nor the Caribbean island of Utila, Honduras.

Thank you United States Government for the following best 5+ years of my life.

Double thanks US Government for encouraging me stop working a year ago, and encouraging me to redirect my productive capacity toward hedonism, leading me to fornicate with over 100 new females during this past year alone.

It's been great therapy, and I owe the following long THANKS to the United States Government (but the same can be applied to governments across the world for following similar policy).

Thank you US Government for your oppressive socialist and fascist policies; for without you it would be a moral-hazard to quit working and live the hedonistic lifestyle I've been enjoying.

Thank you US Government for rewarding consumption and punishing production.

Thank you for creating an artificial economy.

Thank you US Government for creating artificial markets and asset bubbles in housing, stocks, and bonds.

Thank you for the FED; without the Federal Reserve these above 3 might not apply.

Thank you FED for your Zero Percent Interest-rate policy, punishing savers and responsibility, and rewarding spending and hedonism.

Thank you FED for your so-called liquidity, asset purchases, QE, 1, 2, 3, and perhaps QE to infinity.

Thank you FED for creating unknown amounts of money, hiding the true money-supply, and destroying the value of the dollar.

Thank you US Government and FED for your federal income tax, created the same year as the Federal Reserve, in 1913, and also under false premise. Combined with state and local taxes, this income tax serpent that began at 1% has evolved into a leviathan. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, give a man a leviathan and you teach him to stop fishing.

Thank you US Government for criminally misrepresenting true inflation; altering the formula of calculating inflation in 1980 and again in 1990.

Thank you for fooling America into believing your inflation lies. Meanwhile the rent-index rises higher than ever, and nearly half of 25 year-olds now live with their parents (who perhaps also do their shopping). For fair measure here's your exported regional example from our area in Northern Europe (similar stats as the Baltics).

So thank you US Government for creating a dependent society where now nearly 50 million Americans are on Food-Stamps.

Thank you Gov for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, your (still current) legislation forcing unqualified and under-qualified loans, and also to the local Govs for their property taxation systems. May I never pay fair value for real estate, or truly own a home ever again.

Thank you US Government for TARP, “too-big-to-fail”, and corporate welfare; bailing out the financial industry and the rich. You really made capitalism and ethics a joke with this one.

Further thank you Clintons and Greenspan for deregulating the entire banking industry throughout the 1990s, and repealing Glass-Steagall in 1999; "y'all" likely did more to start this current financial crisis than anyone else.

In Iceland the bankers have gone to jail and the bank's money returns to the people. Meanwhile in the United States, the people's money instead goes to the banks, as the bankers get rewarded with promotions or positions within the government.

Thank you US Government for your oppressive and complex business regulations that made running my small business difficult and demoralizing.

Thank you for your lawsuit culture that kept me worried and uncertain.

Thank you US Government for your corrupt police; local, state, and federal law enforcement. And to the corrupt courts, attorneys and judges behind them. You all deserve a very special thank you!

Thank you for Affirmative Action, and punishing me from the very start since attending American city schools as a white male.

Thank you for beginning student debt forgiveness, punishing me for choosing to start a business and self-educate, rather than being indoctrinated by your university system while enslaving myself with debt.

Thank you US Government for ObamaCare, making running my small business even more difficult and complex.

Thank you ObamaCare for rewarding fat-slobs, drug-users, and general unhealthy behavior, while punishing my personal efforts at healthy living.


Thank you ObamaCare for giving me financial incentive to stay out of the United States for at least 330 days a year so that I can avoid being required to pay the tax.

Thank you US Government for going so deep into debt that I can have no reasonable expectation to ever get back the money I pay in for Social Security and medical benefits when I retire. According to Harvard professor and economic historian Niall Ferguson (among many others), America is now, unfunded liabilities included, well over 200 trillion dollars in debt.

Thank you US Government for making it near mathematically impossible to ever repay such debt without creating massive inflation.

Thank you US Gov for your IRS and it's oppressive tax code that contains more words in it that the New King James Bible, and the entire works of Bill Shakespeare, combined!

Thank you IRS for targeting conservatives and economic libertarians, and for spying on us.

Thank you US Government for your corporate tax rate; from most regards, the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Filled with complicated loopholes, you've made corporate tax especially oppressive to small businesses without legal-accounting departments.

Thank you for your double-taxation on foreign income (joining fellow “world super-power” Eritrea as the only other nation to do this).

But most importantly...

Thank you US Government for raping me of my savings through the combination of unfair interest-rate policy and inflation; it's the cruelest tax of them all. This said, when the real loss on your savings is near or greater to your annual income, you could be diagnosed insane to continue working.

Long ago you forced me to become a speculator (thanks, I've learned a lot), and for most, you have made hard work and saving a moral-hazard of fools.

What a fool I would be to keep contributing to this immoral system.

What a fool I'd be in the United States still driving each day in the vehicular-police-state, to get to work in these conditions. Meanwhile a welfare parasite can scam up to 75 thousand dollars a year from the government. #newamericandream

Meanwhile illegal aliens can freely come to the United States and be rewarded with benefits worth more than some honest worker's salaries. #newamericandream #freedomisntfree
Further thanks to the US Government for altering the true meaning of the 14th amendment

Now rather than slaving away, and being subordinate to financial gang-rape by socialist thieves within the government, I have become a spender, a consumer, a hedonist and no longer a producer.

While I have no fetish for being fucked by government, I do however have a fetish for fornicating with friendly females in the Baltics; Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The past year has been a good one for that.

Over the past 365 days I've redistributed my productive capacity to fornicating with over 100 females. That's with higher than normal quality standards, and I never redistribute my wealth to pay for sex.

All of these 100+ fornications in the past year have been exclusively in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, statistically homes to the best looking girls in the world (PBS - International Model Supply Chain).
I'm not sure of the exact number as I keep exact count by calendar year, but it's hovering somewhere around 105; higher even, if I was going only for quantity. Bonus thanks to the government for your part in helping American females become so unappealing to me.

So thank you US Government for freeing me of my time for this, and encouraging such hedonistic behavior.

You gave me the free-time for my own pursuits. Free-time to travel, or to remain where I desire. Free-time for nature. Free-time to swim in a clean lake. Free-time for shopping at farmers markets, for living healthy, for cooking. Free-time to ride my bicycle. Free-time to lay in a Riga park with my pet rabbit, Sir Nomsalot.

With the free-time I reconsidered my diet and personal health. I've made radical dietary changes and now prepare nearly everything I eat.

With the free-time I can go to the gym or sit in the sauna as often as I want. #keepingbodyfatlowlikeinterestrates

Before these changes I had been ill almost 8 consecutive months, in and out of bed up until March. Now I'm back to similar physical condition I was in at 21 while living in Thailand training Muay-Thai Kickboxing.

So US Government, you can keep your socialist health-care, and you're even welcome to follow the Turkish Gov in socializing sex.

Sometimes I fantasize of past days.

Simple living; perhaps happily tending to an organic farm with a loving wife and kids. Growing crops. Some egg-laying chickens, quail, and ducks...dairy cows, sheep or goats...and of course bunnies for help keeping the lawn short, producing high-quality manure, and pet therapy.

Reality is that long gone are the days of working an honest job, saving, planning, and the value of money being constant.

I leave you with my favorite fable, The Farmer With Only One Horse. A loss may be a gain. Thanks again Gov, for making one man's loss into another man's gain. These have been the best years of my life. #enjoyingthedecline

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