November 9, 2015

Liberty Links #1

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." #ShareThis
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Palestinian Community Outreach Program

Despicable - The Face of Leftist Propaganda 
#Trump2016 - when all the opposition can say is "racism"
--"Trump's a Racist" - Baseless Mantra of the Left (Larry David Collects $5k)
---Only 7% of Journalists Republicans
----Mainstream Media Mind Control Exposed In Mark Dice Video

Muslim Migrants Invited To Take Over Christian Church #Hijra #Germanistan2016
--Al Qaeda Terror Boss Found on Migrant Boat; Authorities Tried To Hide News

ISIS Executes 200 Child Captives

800K Refugees Returning To Syria As Putin Destroys ISIS

Meanwhile Obama Sends American Troops To Defend Rebels, Al Qaeda (and ISIS), After Promising 16 Times No "Boots On The Ground" #change

Preparing For WW3?

Former Russian Minster Of Press/TV/Radio, Gazprom Media Exec, and Putin Adviser Mysteriously Dies in DC Hotel

CIA/Saudis Give Syrian Militants (Al Qaeda, Etc) Weapons Capable Of Downing Commercial Airliners

From #IAMCHARLIE to #IWASCHARLIE: French Social Degenerates Mock Russian Plane Bombing Victims, Not ISIS

Young, Idealistic Farmers Help Keep Land In Production

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