July 8, 2015

Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed #14

The world's foremost financial news reporting rabbit...Citizen Liberty's Pet, Sir Nomsalot, “The Seer of Seers, the Nomapotamus of all Nomapotamuses!”

Reporting from NomNom Stacija in Riga, Latvia and translated from Bunnyese he had this to say for the 14th Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed:

"Happy extended Greek holidays!"

"Social news I do not report, but my weekly financial news you should not retort!
Instead of watching TV, save your time and read from me." 

Top Links Of July 1 - July 8

Greece Votes: NO!

-Vote Demographics
--Holidays Continue
---Latvian President: Debt So Big That Everyone Understands It Won't Be Repaid
----Yanis Resigns: Shall Wear The Creditor's Loathing With Pride
-----Calls Bank Closure An Act Of Terrorism
------Who Wins?
-------Banks Run Out Of Cash Reserves
--------Safety Box Controls; Roosevelt Style
---------Physical Cash Is King
----------Drug Companies Now Owed Over A Billion By Greek Hospitals
-----------Austrians Sign Petition To Leave Euro
------------Gross: 70-80% Chance of Greek Exit From Euro
-------------Gundlach: Grexit Beginning Of End For Euro
--------------Farage: "There Is A New Berlin Wall, And It's Called The Euro"
---------------The Saga Of Odysseus

Chinese Stocks Decline, Government Escalates
-People's Plunge Protection Playbook
--Suspends Over Half Of Stocks
---Bans Stock Sales By Major Shareholders For 6 Months!
----Bans Stock Sales By Pension Funds
-----Bans Terms "Equity Disaster" and "Rescue Market"
------Lessens Margin Requirements, "Beautiful Sunlight Always Comes After The Rain"
-------Buys Stocks
--------Sellers Locked Out Of 71% Of Market
---------Prices Lose Meaning; What's a Chinese company worth?
----------The Herd Panics
------------When Does It End?

NSA Leak: Washington Negotiating With Every Nation Bordering China; To Confront Beijing

FREEEE: Lithuania Latest Country To Pay You To Borrow
--Sweden Lowers Interest Rates To Negative 0.35%!

Student Loan Debt Continues To Hit New Highs

ObamaCare: Premiums To Rise 20-40% In 2016

Faber: Colossal Systematic Risk
-When Greece Comes To You..
--And you..

Puerto Rico Now Belongs To Wall Street
--America's Greece

Silver Price Hits Lows Same Day As Mint Runs Out Of Coins
--Americans Choose Chocolate Bar Over $150 Silver Bar

Animal Therapy
Bear Scare

Sir Nomsalot is LONG Junior Gold Miners, Silver, Cocoa, Sugar, Uranium, Russia Stock Index.
Sir Nomsalot is SHORT the Russell 2000 Index.

Nom out,
Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed
“Because we work and get paid with money”

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