May 13, 2015

Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed #6

The world's foremost financial news reporting rabbit...Citizen Liberty's Pet, Sir Nomsalot, “The Seer of Seers, the Nomapotamus of all Nomapotamuses!”

Reporting from NomNom Stacija in Riga, Latvia and translated from Bunnyese he had this to say for the 6th Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed:

"Spring is here, a bond and equity market collapse is near." 

"Social news I do not report, but my weekly financial news you should not retort!
Instead of watching TV, save your time and read from me." 

Top Links Of May 6-May 13

Greece Pays IMF From IMF

Bonds Crushed

Russia Asks Greece To Join BRICs Bank

Faber: NATO Will Force Greece To Stay in EU
-Sovereign Man Podcast

Loab: Buffet Habitually Hypocritical
-Buffett Prepares For Inflation?
--Rickards Video

7 Charts That Show U.S. Already In Recession

FREEEE: $75k A Year From Uncle Sam

Why Robots Eliminating Jobs Is Good

IRS: Do As We Say, Not What We Do, Or Else..

Union Utopia - 40% Of Iceland Plan June Strike

Denmark Moves Closer To Cashless Society

Gold Future For Cashless Society?

Leftist Projection? So-Called "Female Wage Gap" Exists In Clinton's Senate Office
-Clinton Cash. Does Russia Really Own 20% Of Our Uranium Reserves (Yes)?

Obama Secret So-Called "Free Trade Bill" Fails, For Now

Government Grapes Of Wrath

Animal Therapy
The Bear Walks

Sir Nomsalot is LONG Junior Gold Miners, Silver, Cocoa, Sugar, Uranium, Russia Stock Index.
Sir Nomsalot is SHORT the Russell 2000 Index.

Nom out,
Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed
“Because we work and get paid with money”

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