April 13, 2015

Two Monks And A Girl - Fable

Two monks are walking in silence. They get to a river where one must cross by foot to reach the other side. At the river there is a young woman with a long dress. Worried by the current of the river and ruining her dress, she asks if they could carry her across.

One monk hesitates, but the other quickly picks her up onto his shoulders, carries her across the water, and puts her down on the other side. She thanks him, and they part ways.

The monks continue again on their way. As time goes by, the hesitant monk becomes more and more preoccupied. 

Finally, unable to hold his silence anymore, he speaks out. "Brother, our spiritual training teaches us to avoid any contact with women, and not only did you make contact, but you picked her up on your shoulders and carried her! How could you do such a thing?"

"Brother," the second monk replied, "I put her down on the other side, but you're still carrying her."

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