April 2, 2015

The Four F's of Male Wealth; an Addendum to Money, Seashells, and the Currency of Time

After-pills - 18 of Currency
Money can't buy you happiness but it sure can buy you a better condom. In the garbage can lays the remnants of it; war-torn like the girl's hometown of Donesk.

In contrast to "Money, Seashells, and the Currency of Time", this post will be a bit different. After-all this is also a male lifestyle site (don't expect political correctness).

Hostile Argumentative Ukrainian Princess (let's call her HAPIE) just left my Liepaja apartment. She's from Donesk, a place she just left for obvious reasons. I could believe it if at the end they found out her personality had started the entire crisis. 
Grey, rainy skies and I thought nothing would get me outside today. If seashells are money then alcohol is a high interest loan, and I'm paying off that loan now plus interest. 
Hapie got the walk she wanted to take earlier, but it wasn't to the beach like she asked. After walking around town in the rain we found a friendly babushka pharmacist to buy after-pills from. Hapie being from Donesk, not here, couldn't help with navigation. Next door to the pharmacy is a market. I bought a coconut and quail eggs to replenish the jing I lost from the orgasm earlier. Raw quail eggs have very high zinc content, and coconut also has some qualities positive for male heath.

I want to clarify with this post that money should have value. Not necessarily value in and of itself, but value to be used as a tool that enables us to wealth. 

Mark Twain said, "few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example." So I'll make a quick list for Male Wealth and add some examples.

With Male Lifestyle sites this week writing about the Road to the Final Four, I'll condense these into my own Four F's to follow. At least seeing these Four F's of Male Wealth will be more productive than seeing college kids throw a basketball around.

Freedom, Fitness, Fun, and Fornication; although perhaps these will change.

  • Freedom. To travel anywhere and live anywhere. Freedom from an oppressive government or society. Freedom of worthy pursuits. Freedom of time.
  • Fitness. Physical and mental health.
  • Fun. Within ethics.
  • Fornication. Is there a more motivating aspect in most men's life than having sex?

When working in NYC I had hardly any free time. I was miserable. 70+ hour weeks were common. The work hours were never regular and never would I shut off my phone at night so I could fully enjoy an undisturbed night sleep. At one point I worked 9 months straight without a day off. Friends and my employees had compared me to Michael Douglas' character in the movie Falling Down. It was generally accurate. 

I remember concerned clients taking abnormal interest in my life and well-being. A common reply to "what have you been doing lately?", if forced to answer, might have been "killing time until death." 

At one point I went 2 or so years without having sex. I can't tell you exactly how long as at the time I was too miserable to remember. 

Sitting for 10+ hours a day, paired with basically no physical exercise I developed several medical conditions and wasted down to 150 lbs at 6 foot 3. Years earlier I was training Muay-Thai kickboxing 6-7 hours a day in Thailand. Now I hadn't the stamina to run 5km.  At that point my most "fun" activity and best source of exercise was subsistence farming with a Permaculture garden in my yard. 

Fast forward to now.

It's been about 5 years since I left the United States. Most of that time has been spent in Baltic Europe. I've traveled and lived all over the world with the free time to pursue what I desire. 
My mental health is better. Due to injuries, the physical health could be better, but I'm surely better now than when living in USA.
In the past I wanted own a lifestyle business and thought of starting a hostel. So in the past few years I've opened 4 of them.
In the past I wanted to fornicate with many women. So during these last 5 years I've had sex with about 300 girls from over 40 countries, most of them from here in the Baltics, home to the most attractive women on Earth (according to international per capita model statistics).

And, I've had fun.

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