April 10, 2015

Taxpayer Discount Is The New Student Discount

Student discount? 

No, my next business will have a taxpayer discount.

It's a fascinating concept; today's student discount.

Government finances student by taking money from its society. Student in present time does not contribute to society. Government and society then rewarding student and government for this process.

Thinking back to when I was traveling in Egypt; I met two Swedish bi-sexual Sexology students (you can really major in this). Actually they were both part-time students, and both nearly 40 years old. The Swedish government was still financing their education and also paying their living expenses. So with their government financed savings they were taking a holiday, while being rewarded with student discounts at attractions like the Pyramids. I didn't even get the discount when one fornicated with the male virgin Egyptian hotel clerk in my room.

A few days earlier in another guesthouse, I met a Dutch guy, now a regular resident in Cairo. He was technically disabled, although in his late 20s. He explained how before he had stress. So he found a doctor of his choice who then asked him, “what makes you stressed?” Dutch guy said, “working.” Doctor then told him that he is now disabled and can't work. Result was government disability salary, plus a free apartment to live in. Dutch guy then decided that he could rent out his place, collect disability income and live/travel abroad.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” a famous Orwell quote from 1984. If Orwell were alive today he might instead say, “in a time of universal degeneracy, expecting financially responsible is a revolutionary act.”

Today in the United States, nearly 50% of all households pay no federal income tax. In 1985 that figure was only 15%. Nearly 5% of the population considered working eligible is now collecting disability. The idea of expecting society to pay their fair share of tax is becoming a revolutionary act.

Next on the agenda of change, from the man occupying the White House is Student Debt Forgiveness, intended to further today's moral hazard of financial responsibility.

Mark Twain once said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Today he might say, “I never let someone else's schooling interfere with my taxes.”

Finally I can say it feels good finally having no businesses or income, and one less feeling of being financially raped by an oppressive government and the degenerate self-serving society who voted these characters into office.

Very nice of these "folks" to keep working and paying income tax though; supporting about half the population who don't. 

Such nice deeds should be rewarded.
If I ever start another business, just prove you contribute to society and you're not a parasite, then you're welcome to a discount. 

“One taxpayer discount please!” Yes sir, certainly!

Bonus Story:

With youth unemployment in Spain at over 50% and extreme government debt financing their education and existence, the entitled youth today are encouraged to enjoy the leisure of travel and flexible perpetual "studies".

The following scene happened at a hostel I owned in Estonia. Although it's a fairly typical interaction with a student group from Spain.

“Esssthudent discount...discount for STUDENT,” hissed the group of Spanish tourists in an exaggerated lisp.

HOSTEL STAFF: “Sorry, there aren't student discounts here, the price you booked for is what you have to pay.” (politely)
ENTITLED SPANISH YOUTH: “Vaaaaat!” (an outburst from a surly one with poor posture in the back) “This price is very expensive and we are a students, there should be discount for us!”
HOSTEL STAFF: “It's actually half of our regular price, since we had a late cancellation before. We already lowered the prices so that's why this price you booked for was the cheapest in the city.”
ENTITLED SPANISH YOUTH:“That includes breakfast, si?!” (demanded one of the girls)
HOSTEL STAFF: “No breakfast; it's also written, and same for almost all the hostels here.”
ESY: “But it's not fair...we're traveling on a budget.” (nagged another, as her friend pilfered some of another guest's chips)
HS: “Don't know what to tell you...it says you must pay us this full amount on arrival.”
ESY: (discussing in Spanish...) “We want to pay when we leave.”
HS: “You have to pay first. I can show you on the map where a cash machine is.”
ESY: (more discussion in Spanish) “This is outrageous.” (they mutter) “OK, we pay now, but we make complaint about your business!”

After selfishly debating the math among each other, they finally pay. Immediately afterwards they go out to the bars, get drunk, then return later, eating everyone's food in kitchen. They have a loud discussion outside in Spanish, waking up the neighbors.

ENTITLED SPANISH YOUTH: “We are students on holiday. We have a right to enjoy ourselves.”
HOSTEL STAFF: “Would you respect the others who are sleeping.”
ESY: “I study law. I can get you in much of trouble.”

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