April 1, 2015

Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed #1

Nomsalot, Financial Prognosticator

Introducing the world's foremost prognosticating rabbit, Citizen Liberty's pet, Sir Nomsalot “The Seer of Seers, the Nomapotamus of all Nomapotamuses!” Reporting from NomNom Stacija in Riga, Latvia and translated from Bunnyese he had this to say for the first Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed:

Happy April Fools Day. Did you hear the creators of this holiday worked on Wall Street and made the day to celebrate the fools who believe in them enough to keep entrusting them with their savings?

Without bothering a bunny to go into statistics the average Money Manager, Mutual Fund Manager, Investment Guru, TV Huckster massively under-performs the market index over time.

Two days ago Ben Bernanke started his own blog. So I thought...if Bernanke can blog on finance then any bunny can.

Now you have a wise bunny with a decorated history in the financial industry to share his weekly collection of links and occasional Rabbit analysis.

This first edition I have just one link for you.

So cash is not a good store of value and there is no inflation (according to Yellen)? Even your average rabbit can find contradiction in that.

Sir Nomsalot is LONG Junior Gold Miners, Silver, Cocoa, Sugar, Russia Stock Index.
Sir Nomsalot is SHORT the Russell 2000 Index.

Next Financial News Feed on April 15th, U.S. Tax Day!

Nomnom out,
Sir Nomsalot's Weekly Financial News Feed
“Because we work and get paid with money”

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