April 1, 2015

Change, Occupy Wall Street Survey, Trick-Or-Treat, April "Fools"

Since we're on the subjects of Fools, Jokes, and Obama, I'd like to relate all 3.

The Obama Administration Joke below and the "65 million low-information voters who don't pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history" reminded me of Occupy Wall Street and it's animal farm of idiots. 

I can think of no better way in these last few years to represent the uneducated left-wing voter who gave us Obama than the Occupy Wall Street Movement. 
Zuccotti Park Occupier & Face of Reason

Due to some problem I was back in the United States for a short period of time in 2011, the only time in the last 5 years. It was Halloween and I wanted entertainment. So I went to Target, bought a hipster hat and took the Metro-North train to NYC to do a little journalism and trick-or-treat tent to tent at Occupy Wall Street, Zuccottii Park.

Earlier in the day I made a short survey of 20 agree or disagree questions to give to the protesters. For weeks in Europe I had been reading the news about these Occupy movements. It seemed from the start that these were a bunch of entitled and confused communists, although apparently no one could prove this as the group would not share their political stances or demands. 

With my 20 question survey I hoped to make these people's ideology clear. After the survey I planned to reward myself by doing some midnight trick-or-treating (dressed as a hipster) into the Occupy Wall Street tent village and perhaps provoke one of the idiots to attack me on video.

With my hipster hat I took 50 survey copies, polling about 20% of all the people protesting. To get honest answers (and not be attacked) I posed as one of the founders of Occupy Stamford (which never existed) saying how the survey was important to make sure that both of our movements share the same ideology. Some refused but with help from specific protesters I was able to get the 50 completed.

I also got the pleasure of confronting the People's Billionaire Russell Simmons and his entourage in front of a mob of people, although I was hoping for that fat slob Michael Moore instead.

The trick-or-treating could have been better. I won't share the videos now, but turns out that leftists aren't as generous as they claim. :D  Although I couldn't tell who was dressed up and who wasn't I visited perhaps 20 tents between midnight and 1 AM and I can tell you that these angry socialists weren't in the spirit of Halloween! Only twice, I think, I got any candy (which I was of course entitled to) and also only twice I was physically attacked. 

The survey results below weren't surprising, although I didn't think it would get such extreme Bolshevik responses. 

Of course their solution to a crisis caused by government and socialism was more government and more socialism. .

Agree / Disagree 1. The rich don't pay enough taxes.
98% Agree
Agree / Disagree 2. Taxes should be raised on those in the top tax brackets and lowered for those in the bottom 40%.
96% Agree
Agree / Disagree 3. Inheritance within the rich should be redistributed through higher taxation.
80% Agree
Agree / Disagree 4. Capital gains taxes should be raised on stocks and dividends. 
96% Agree
Agree / Disagree 5. Executive pay is too high and should be limited to 20x that of the lowest earning full-time employee.
82% Agree
Agree / Disagree 6. Executive pay should regulated based on fairness and work performance. Some executives should be taxed retroactively on excessive earnings (IE, in bankrupt companies).
98% Agree
Agree / Disagree 7. Corporations don't pay enough tax, and the tax rate on corporations should be raised.
96% Agree
Agree / Disagree 8. Corporate tax levels should reflect those of the rest of the world. 
94% Agree
Agree / Disagree 9. Banks should be regulated on what fees they can charge; such as this 5$/mo debit card fee or ATM fees.
98% Agree
Agree / Disagree 10. Some insurance and drug companies have unfairly profited excessively and should be taxed retroactively to help finance public healthcare.
100% Agree
Agree / Disagree 11. Pharmaceutical drug prices are too high and need be regulated.
100% Agree
Agree / Disagree 12. Free health care is a right.
96% Agree
Agree / Disagree 13. Free education is a right.
100% Agree
Agree / Disagree 14. Student loan debt should be forgiven
76% Agree
Agree / Disagree 15. Students and unemployed should have a right to free public transportation.
88% Agree
Agree / Disagree 16. Free internet and computer access are a right.
86% Agree
Agree / Disagree 17. A job is a right, and the minimum wage should be raised.
94% Agree
Agree / Disagree 18. Workers should always have the right to unionize, and companies should have to support unionization.
96% Agree
Agree / Disagree 19. Mortgages deemed predatory should be forgiven.
100% Agree
Agree / Disagree 20. Landlords shouldn't be allowed to raise rent on tenants who have lost their job.
82% Agree

That's their "CHANGE" for you and then came "four more years!"

PS: At the end I also asked a few if they thought Obama would join; most said yes or they hope so. :DDD

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