March 27, 2015

And so it begins..

I'm feeling peacefully post-apocalyptic looking out at an empty street and grey sky from my balcony. I'm in Liepaja, Latvia. It's a good time to start.

I'm Citizen Liberty.

I'm a Paleo-American male.

Some consider me as a perpetual traveler or digital nomad.

Originally I'm from the New York City area, but don't live in the United States and haven't for years. I've traveled about 60 countries; currently existing in Latvia/Estonia.

This is the beginning of some variation of retirement, after plenty of work, and self-employment since age 19.

Now 32, I'm learning to enjoy our post-capitalistic times, and the economic and social decline.

I don't need to make a dollar from this.

I haven't any shit to sell you.

Perhaps this website and my writing therapy will be your benefit.

Here will also be contributions from my pet rabbit Sir Nomsalot. He has a decorated history in the financial industry, specifically in macro-economic forecasting, with a proven track record of success!

In the future, you can check the ABOUT CITIZEN LIBERTY section for personal info.

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