March 27, 2015

And so it begins..

I'm feeling peacefully post-apocalyptic looking out at an empty street and grey sky from my balcony. I'm in Liepaja, Latvia. It's a good time to start.

I am Citizen Liberty.

I'm a Paleo-American male. You can consider me as a perpetual traveler or digital nomad. I'm from the New York City area, but I don't live in the United States and I haven't for years. For now I have no plans to go back. I'm in my 30s. I live here and there; do this and that. I'm learning to enjoy these post-capitalistic times, and our economic and social decline.

I don't need to make a dollar from this. I haven't any shit to sell you.

After being self-employed since 19, this is the beginning of a semi-retirement. That being said I plan to write when it doesn't interfere with my quality of life.

Never before have I kept a journal so this site may act as such. I'm doing this foremost for my own therapy. Perhaps it will be of some benefit to you as well.

Here will also be contributions from my pet rabbit Sir Nomsalot. He has a decorated history in the financial industry, specifically in macro-economic forecasting, with a proven track record of success and many NYC insider connections!

Enjoy the posts.